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Key Functions and Topic Areas of RDSU

The RDSU is keen to help staff set up new major research projects. If we are involved at the early planning stage we often become active collaborators, helping with aspects of funding applications, data collection and analysis.

  • developing research ideas
  • practical issues in planning research
  • research design
  • designing assessments & questionnaires
  • statistical analysis
  • applying for research grants
  • sample size calculations
  • qualitative research
  • evaluation of services
  • collaboration with other researchers
  • preparing papers for publication
  • use of and help with computer software
  • use of databases & internet for research
  • management of research

Research Development Support Unit

The purpose of this support unit is to support, advise and encourage professionals to carry out health related research in their local areas.

Functions of a research development support unit;

  • Develop and conduct own research
  • Provide required training
  • Advise and support medical professionals
  • Collaborate with researchers on bigger and more complex projects

Medical Research Society (MRS)

The Medical Research Society is a society for all those involved in clinical and/or scientific research relating to any aspect of medicine. The Society aims to encourage and further such research by:

  • hosting the annual Meeting for Clinician Scientists in Training
  • supporting younger investigators with the annual award of the prestigious Young Investigator Award
  • providing a number of prizes for oral and poster presentations

In 2001, discussions involving a number of groups interested in the future of academic medicine highlighted the lack of a cross-speciality forum in which clinical training fellows and those committed to a career in academic medicine could present their work, meet their peer group and obtain information on how to plan their careers.

The Medical Research Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal College of Physicians, London, therefore arranged such a meeting, in partnership with the major funding bodies for clinical research, the MRC, Wellcome Trust, CancerUK, BHF, ARC etc.

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